Wellness Tourism – Take a step back to move forward

In the modern era, we face heightened levels of stress due to a rapidly growing society. Since then, our physical and mental health has deteriorated, affecting the quality of life in many ways possible. That is why in recent years, wellness tourism, which can enhance health through physical and spiritual activities, has become more popular around the world.

“Wellness Tourism” is a new tourism type and not so easy to particularly define in Vietnam.

Wellness tourism can be known as a combination of staying healthy and living tranquilly, whose results are healthy experiences and spiritual balance for tourists.With so much unwellness embedded in today’s travel, wellness tourism brings the promise of combating those negative qualities and turning travel into an opportunity to maintain and improve our holistic health.

Da Nang – The blooming destination for wellness tourism
Keeping up with the needs of tourists, the wellness tourism industry in Vietnam is growing and known more on the world map. More specifically, Vietnam’s third-largest city Da Nang and the well-established central coast stretching south to Hoi An lead the country’s blossoming wellness trend, recognized for outstanding spas and retreats. Da Nang gathers all the criteria for the wellness of the tourism industry to thrive, such as its beautiful location (forests, mountains, sea, islets), diverse places to visit and nature-friendly design styles of the facilities.

In addition, special health care programs such as yoga, meditation on the beach combined with visiting the sacred places will help visitors fully enjoy the greatness of life and recharge their internal energy source. The sound of the waves and the cool, light breeze create a tranquil atmosphere and perfect conditions to relax one’s mind.

Naman Retreat – A lush sanctuary of wellness
When talking about wellness resorts in Danang, it is impossible not to mention Naman Retreat - the brand that has been recognized by World Spa Awards as “Vietnam’s Best Wellness Retreat” for 4 consecutive years (2016-2019) and achieved many other prestigious awards. The moment you step into the Naman Retreat, you will enter a world of pure bliss. The resort offers luxury treatment rooms, a Jacuzzi, sauna, and steam rooms. Pamper yourself through famous therapeutic treatments such as the signature Naman massage, unique body wraps, pedicures, and manicures.

Pure Spa - A green oasis in Naman Retreat

Each visit to the resort will focus on improving your mental and physical health. The detox treatment includes spa treatments, nutritious meal plans, colon hydrotherapy, and physical activities such as yoga. The time spent here is designed to make you feel renewed and invigorated, healthy and strong, calm and centered, and completely comfortable in your own skin.

Famous therapeutic treatments such as the signature Naman massage

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