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Babylon Room

Minimalistic, modern and sophisticated, Babylon rooms meet the most essential needs for a complete vacation for families or couples.

Pool Villa

Delicately blending modern architecture with natural materials from bamboo and stone, the villa offers a charming, intimate vibe with a private courtyard and swimming pool.

Garden Pool Villa

Covering an area of up to 850m2 with 03 bedrooms, the villa is surrounded by a lush garden with a large swimming pool and a skylight. This is the perfect place for calmness, connection, and enjoyment.

Beachfront Villa

Having a space from 900m2 to 1000m2 with 03 bedrooms, a private infinity pool, sun terrace, garden, our sea-view villa also offers direct views of the whispering beach to bring you absolute relaxation moments.

Sunlit Suite

Sunlit offers the optimal choice for travelers with room types from 1 to 3 bedrooms suites, fully equipped with basic amenities, a wide view of the sea and mountains.

The perfect getaway for those who crave something bold, unique, and desire to awaken their senses