Beautiful Flower Seasons At Naman Retreat

Naman Retreat - A peaceful tropical oasis that embraces you in the gentleness of nature, from the charming beach with white sand and sunshine to the tree-lined paths leading to the sea. Not only that, the flowers at Naman Retreat will make you flutter whenever you come here.

Flower seasons embellish the immense green space

Along with the architectural philosophy of taking refuge in nature, the green colour fills every corner at Naman Retreat, leading you to discover and find yourself.

Therefore, the flower seasons at Naman Retreat adorn the green spaces with a brilliant and dazzling beauty that is hard to deny.

The season of Rangoon Creeper blooms

Rangoon Creeper is a flower that makes many people fall in love with its gentle beauty. Clusters of white and red flowers interwoven on the background of green leaves are both attractive and soft is the favourite flower of many tourists when staying at Naman Retreat.

The blooming of the flowers is also the time to signal summer's coming. Visitors staying at Naman Retreat from April to September every year can see the crimson flowers blooming at Pure Spa, and staying at some of our 3-bedroom private villas can also easily admire the beauty of this flower.

The season of Frangipani blooms

Many visitors confided that Frangipani flowers' rustic and elegant beauty suits the pure Vietnamese natural scenery and the beach at Naman Retreat. Frangipani flowers are also favoured when they often appear in the beautiful moments marking the vacation at Naman by our beautiful customers.

In the peaceful natural space, the pure white Frangipani flowers bloom next to the soft water lily beds, bringing a sense of idyllic relaxation for all customers when arriving here.

As a flower that likes sunny weather, that's why when winter ends, the first Frangipani flowers bloom. However, spring and summer are when Frangipani flowers bloom most beautifully; visitors can choose this time to visit and save many beautiful moments with this flower.

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