Naman Conference Hall

The masterpiece of bamboo architecture in Danang

A unique and one-of-a-kind bamboo architecture brings both rustic but luxurious and cozy.


Architect Vo Trong Nghĩa

Formed from the unique worldview of famous architect Vo Trong Nghia, Naman Retreat is truly an artistic masterpiece that converges the simple charm of Vietnamese culture and priceless heritage values.

Through materials too attached to the nation’s life, such as bamboo and rock, Naman Retreat's architecture seems to bring to life the essence of folk culture spanning thousands of years of history, cleverly combined with contemporary features, creating a unique yet familiar space.


Bamboo represents Vietnamese culture's image, symbolising intense vitality, solidarity, and protection. Bamboo trees always grow in large bushes to rely on each other against the wind and storm; they surround the Vietnamese residents in each village and house, defending against foreign invaders. Bamboo is also planted to protect riverbanks and prevent erosion.

A bamboo walkway in Naman Retreat

  • Vietnamese Bamboo In Architecture

When the amount of waste from the construction industry is a burden on the environment, bamboo materials do not create waste but also create a fresh atmosphere for buildings, becoming the first choice to protect the environment and ecosystem protection. Therefore, Naman Retreat has studied for many years to take advantage of this friendly material to create proud architectural works imbued with Vietnamese culture.

Naman Conference Hall construction

  • The Bamboo Treatment Process:

Because the bamboo intestine has starch, it attracts many kinds of insects, so to get durability, bamboo must go through processing to increase its lifespan. The most common method is to soak bamboo in pond mud up to 4-6 months. After removing the bamboo from the water will be smoked to remove the unpleasant smell.

Naman Conference Hall

To deploy large bamboo structures at Naman Retreat, preparing and handling bamboo materials takes 1-2 years.

NAMAN CONFERENCE HALL - The masterpiece of bamboo architecture

The Naman Conference Hall

The Naman Conference Hall is in the form of a rectangle with an asymmetrical slope. The bamboo dome structure gives an impressive and iconic appearance. A unique and one-of-a-kind bamboo architecture brings both rustic but luxurious and cosy.

Naman Retreat

Truong Sa Street, Da Nang City, Viet Nam