Naman Boutik - A miniature Vietnamese cultural museum

Not only bringing you interesting souvenirs for friends and family, Boutik shop offer a cultural space where you can find well-known handicrafts, and typical antiques throughout the length of 4000 years of Vietnamese history. Let's explore together!

A space dedicated to those who love cultural experiences

Boutik shop impresses guests with its exclusive bamboo architecture which become the signature of Naman Retreat. Bamboo is also a representative image of Vietnamese culture - a symbol of vitality, solidarity and protection. Bamboo trees always grow in large bushes to rely on each other against the storm. They surround Vietnamese population into each villages and homes, and protect the citizens against external invasions.

Not only possessing an impressive bamboo design, the surrounding space of Boutik Shop are surrounded adorned with sculptures - the rice sprouts – which represent the Vietnamese wet-rice civilization.

Entering the Boutik Shop space, you will be surprised by the unique cultural space, where you can find the Trong Dong antique (Bronze drum) - one of the symbols for the early development of the ancient Vietnamese civilization, or a collection of antique ceramics made during Han-Viet age.

Gifts with historical and artistic value

Boutik collects and displays many art works by Vietnamese artists, handmade decorations or many local products imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity.

The robes of the ancient Vietnamese kings and queens, remade in small sizes. They are the gift souvenirs for APEC leaders who visited Naman Retreat in 2017.

The small space is neatly arranged in idyllic bamboo architecture, you can choose Naman Boutik as a place to stop in the discovery journey at Naman Retreat.

More antiques on display at Boutik Shop: