HIBISCUS – An unique welcome drink at Naman Retreat

Our foreign guests were delighted with the tea served at Naman Retreat's reception area, a tea with a light sour taste and a distinctive plum red colour that makes many people nostalgic for an unforgettable taste. This is called Astiso flower tea (Hibiscus).

Astiso flower 

Why did Naman Retreat choose HIBISCUS to welcome guests?

HIBISCUS – Healthy herbal drink

As one of the leading wellness resorts in Vietnam, Naman Retreat always focuses on and directs customers to products derived from nature, safe and suitable for health.

HIBISCUS is a drink rich in vitamin C 

HIBISCUS is a drink rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, the first choice to strengthen your resistance, dispel your stress and fatigue after a long journey, bringing a refreshing and fresh spirit. 

How is the HIBISCUS served at Naman Retreat?

HIBISCUS is served at Naman Retreat during both summer and winter. In the summer, when the weather is hot, HIBISCUS is served as chilled tea, keeping the freshness and heat to refresh visitors, dispelling all fatigue caused by hot weather.

HIBISCUS is served at Naman Retreat during both summer and winter

In winter, when the weather in Da Nang is cold, HIBISCUS is served as hot tea. This refreshing and warm herbal drink will take away the cold of visitors, helping to completely relax the spirit to start the exciting journey of discovery.

Have you enjoyed HIBISCUS at Naman Retreat?

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