Hay Hay Restaurant - Proud of Vietnamese Bamboo Architecture

If Naman is like a song, the ceramic frieze on the wall next to the check-in area is a prologue meant to praise Vietnamese farmers, the conference hall is a chorus that affirms Naman's style then Hay Hay restaurant is a grand finale to honour the identity and honour the beauty of Vietnam.

As a symbol of timeless Vietnamese heritage and culture with luxurious modern charm, this strikingly stunning masterpiece is one of the most typical architectural works of the famous Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia.

This is the first and biggest construction made entirely of bamboo trunks. With a total area is nearly 1400 square meters, this unique architecture uses natural ligation techniques based on the nature of the material according to the construction techniques of the ancient Vietnamese people without using nails, screws, or adhesives.

Hay Hay is also covered with straw for the outside roof to preserve the distinctive and unique architecture of large houses in all corners of the Vietnamese countryside.

Longing for the desire to create a space close to the wet rice civilization that has deeply penetrated the Vietnamese subconscious, architect Vo Trong Nghia brings a highlight to Hay Hay restaurant with loops of rice grains, evoking feelings of familiarity after a full season.

Along with the giant rice grains hung on the ceiling of the restaurant, outside the Hay Hay restaurant is also decorated with rice sprouts sculptures. Rice grain, or “heaven pearl”, is the most precious gift in Vietnamese folk conception and has become an "engraved heart" relationship with many generations of Vietnamese people.

With impressive traditional bamboo architecture and splendid interiors inspired by typical Vietnamese classic house architecture, combined with artworks spanning a meticulously arranged historical length, Naman Retreat deserves to be a gem crystallized from Vietnamese culture.

Naman Retreat

Truong Sa Street, Da Nang, Viet Nam

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