Cows on the beach - The signature scene at Naman Retreat

A herd of cows strolling on the white sand under the stunning sunlight of dawn - A beautiful scene makes your soul feel calm and want to embrace all the peace in the place.

Peaceful scene of the Vietnamese countryside at Naman Retreat

As a country with a long agricultural tradition, buffaloes and cows are inherently friends of Vietnamese farmers. Although many modern machines have supported farming today, the image of buffaloes and cows accompanying Vietnamese farmers has become the iconic image of Vietnamese culture.

At Naman Retreat, we preserve and take pride in the traditional culture of Vietnam through sculptures you can easily see, such as the ceramic painting “Song of the rice” and statues of Rice seeds in front of Hay Hay restaurant or Boutique Shop.

Therefore, the appearance of cows on the coast of Naman Retreat is also a characteristic beauty that we want to convey the hidden message of traditional culture and the message of protecting the natural habitat.

Foreign tourists who want to experience this peaceful scene or take souvenir photos with cows on Naman Retreat beach can go to the beach area from daily 5 to 9 am. 

Naman Retreat

Truong Sa Street, Da Nang, Viet Nam

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