Homemade Cookies welcome you to Naman Retreat

To welcome visitors to Naman Retreat, in addition to preparing every private villa is elegant and tidy, delicious cookies are also available as a snack for visitors after moving.

"Homemade" Butter Cookie 

"Homemade" cookies at Naman Retreat

From the traditional ingredients of Cookies such as butter, sugar, eggs, and whipping cream, the chefs at Naman Retreat create delicious new batches daily to prepare in each private villa to welcome you.

The cookies are used diet sugar to reduce sweetness and bring a light, bar flavour without harshness, suitable for both customers with strict diets or strict diets and also suitable for the healthy diet that Naman Retreat wants to bring to customers.

Preservative-free cookies

Preservative-free cookies

Our "homemade" cookies are entirely free of preservatives. They are made at the restaurant within 24 hours if the customer wants to order, so they are guaranteed to keep their delicious and safe flavours intact.

If you love this traditional cookie with vanilla and chocolate, you can also order pre-purchased cookies at restaurants or through the front desk team. Freshly baked cookies in paper bags with a shelf life of 7 days for you.

Have you enjoyed this unique signature delicious fragrance at Naman Retreat?

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