Pure Spa is a peaceful green oasis in the luxurious Naman Retreat, next to the romantic Da Nang beach. It is a typical work of MIA Design Studio towards the green, close-to-nature architecture design.

Covered with green trees, Pure Spa is a poetic garden with vines dropping like a curtain swinging in the sun light, creating a romantic picture. The rigid concrete walls are replaced by hanging gardens, which make this place truly a no-wall sanctuary to retreat. The design criteria of the architects are to create a green space to bring people closer to nature while still meeting the standards of a high-class spa.

Since then, a green oasis was formed, separate but still in harmony with the landscape and architecture of the whole resort. The solution of using local green trees suitable for the climate here with friendly materials has created a space, where every hour of therapy and relaxation becomes moments of recovery.

Pure Spa has 15 treatment rooms, besides the gym, meditation and yoga rooms which are located in the green space to catch the fresh morning sunshine. The ground floor is a peaceful open space to wake up the senses, helping the soul become relaxed. The areas blended together with the natural landscape make guests come here as an exciting and dreamy journey.

In addition, the façade of the building is intertwined with alternating patterns with vertical and horizontal landscapes, helping to reduce the harsh tropical sunshine, creating a rhythmic harmony between light and shadow. A peaceful and poetic relaxing space in the perfect vacation that everyone wants to experience.

Source: https://doanhnhanplus.vn/